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Cyndi Rhoades

Chief Executive Officer

Cyndi founded Worn Again Technologies, originally called Worn Again, back in 2005 with a determination to make a difference and a business out of solving the challenge of textiles becoming ‘waste’ and ending up in landfill or incineration.

Cyndi began her career as a film maker in music videos and documentaries which over time evolved into a deep interest in the impacts of commerce and global economics on society and the environment. These interests led to the formation of Worn Again which she has been driving forward ever since, from its’ early beginnings in upcycling to its’ current transformational polymer recycling technology.

Paving the way in this unchartered territory, Cyndi is a recognised thought (and ‘do’) leader and an advocate for polymer recycling technology as an enabler for a circular textiles industry. She is a regular speaker on circularity and innovation and is an award winning entrepreneur, having been selected as a Courvoisier Future 500 Ambassador, a Force for Good Pioneer by Tomorrow’s Company and an Enterprise UK Ambassador. Cyndi is an early pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement and a co-founder of the RE:Fashion Awards, the world’s first Sustainable Fashion Awards in London.

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